Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year! Full of awakenings and new growth. We are looking at an unseasonably warm start to spring, and this impacts on our ponds and water features.  

You have probably noticed your fish are more active and out and about within your ponds. This will mean you need to start feeding them more often than you would in winter. Remember, it is essential not to overfeed them as this will lead to poor water quality and algae problems. Only feed your fish as much as it takes to be eaten in 2 minutes, any more, and you will pollute the water and have issues with algae. Fish are sensitive to changes in water temperature and will only need to be fed more regularly once the water temperature reaches 12 degrees Celsius or higher.

Spring is also the perfect time to fertilise all of your aquatic pond plants. Plants are an excellent natural way to filter your water and absorb any nutrients that assist in algae growth. Keeping them healthy will not only provide an aesthetically pleasing pond but also aides in your fish and ponds health.  

 Anything Wet offers a range of specialised pond fertiliser tablets made especially for our pond plants.

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They are easy to use and provide your plants with the nutrients they will need for the year. We recommend using them during the spring and summer months.

Looking after your pond plants during the warmer months will provide you with flowers and beautiful looking plants all summer long.

Spring is also the perfect time to clean your pond after its winter hibernation. Simply removing any physical debris is a great place to start. We have a range of products that will help with spring cleaning and keeping your water crystal clear.  

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During high times of stress, like a lot of us are feeling during the current pandemic, water can promote calmness and focus.  Wallace J Nichols talks about a state of Blue Mind, which is described as ‘the calm, peacefulness, and a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with life within the moment.’ He suggests that being close to and mindful of bodies of water help you gain the benefits of the Blue Mind. Ponds, water features, pondless waterfalls and fountains all provide a space for our brains to experience empathy, positive emotions and self-awareness- the building blocks for happiness!