Pond Repair

Do you think your pond may have a leak? We’re here to help.

If you think your pond or water feature may have a leak, then we need to visit you ASAP. Please contact us for a site visit.

Our Anything Wet team can accurately assess your issue and offer professional solutions. We can even patch and repair a lot of leaks if they’re dealt with fast enough.

We offer a range of solutions including:

  • Silicone and Epoxy Putty that will set under water and are safe for fish (even saltwater aquariums).
  • Patch and repair pond liners – both PVC and rubber
  • Repair broken pipes and fittings – both flexible and PVC.
  • Locate and repair leaking filters. We carry rubber seals for most situations and can get spare parts quickly for most brands, including Aquascape Supplies Australia.​

Your Pond Repairs specialists

Leaks and damage need to be attended to as quickly as possible to avoid any serious problems.

But, don’t worry – our friendly team can help.

  • If it’s more than just a little leak, we have the skills to get it fixed.
  • We can offer a loan container for your fish and set up a temporary filter or air pump
  • We can replace pond liners – including heavy-duty commercial liners.
  • We can fix issues with waterproof membranes.
  • We can fix cracks in concrete ponds.
  • We can fibreglass your pond or water feature.
  • We can rebuild waterfalls, move filter systems and any other associated works.

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