DIY or Supply & Install Service

Wide range of quality pond liners for any space, size or style. 

Find a reliable pond liner for your DIY project. Fix a structural issue with your existing pond. Order a custom-sized liner or underlay. Get our professional team around to install everything! 

Adding a quality pond liner to your pond or water feature offers more than peace of mind. It’s affordable insurance for the life of your pond and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 years!

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3 Common Pond Liner Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Buying cheap and nasty PVC-based pond liners from big-box hardware stores
  2. Wasting your money buying an inferior product only to replace it in a few years
  3. Choosing the wrong size liner by not measuring the space professionally.

We launched our online shop to solve all this for you! Access the right products, professional tools and advice for lining your pond or dam.

Your water feature is an investment in your time and money – the last thing you want to do is skimp on the liner. Our shop features 100% professional-grade products that we use ourselves as professionals. 

Explore Pond Liners at our Online Store

Pond Liner Supply & Install Service

We do all the tough, dirty work for you! Our complete pond liner installation service includes:

  • Access to professional, contractor-grade equipment
  • A vastly-experienced installation team
  • Pipe penetrations are installed with the correct method
  • Joining and patching to create a larger pond or dam
  • Safe heavy lifting of pond lining (weighs 1.4kg-1.6kg per m2)
  • Unbiased advice on the best pump and filtration system
  • Decorative tips on aquatic plants, rocks and gravel
  • How to manage groundwater runoff and sediment traps
  • Underliner drainage system (highly recommended for larger liners).

From big, commercial projects to quaint, backyard water features – we will offer the most professional solution for your project. 

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DIY Pond Liner

Anything Wet recommends pond liners made with the most durable material – EPDM rubber. EPDM offers the following assurances to protect and prolong your pond or dam:

  • Heavy duty and difficult to puncture
  • 300% flexibility – responsive to ground movements, tree roots etc.
  • Easy to patch and repair – even if the hole is 5 metres
  • 20-year guarantee!

We’re always happy to put our years of industry experience to good use and provide the right advice for your job. Simply get in touch to have a chat about your project today.

Free Pond Liner Advice

Our advice is always free! It only takes a minute or two to contact us. 

We work with anything wet for a living – let us do what we do best and make the right recommendation for you. Or better yet – book a consultation and let’s discuss building the whole thing for you.

Anything to do with pond liners – from a recommendation to commercial quote, from backyard repairs to supply and install – Anything Wet can do it all!