We answer your most frequently asked questions

Water features actually require a lot less maintenance than you think! The filtration component does most of the hard work for you. A pond actually has 1/4 of the maintenance time than your average grass backyard, and we customise every installation to be ultra-low maintenance. Hate the thought of cleaning? We offer specialist products and services including water changes, debris removal, or we can even organise regular maintenance visits throughout the year.

Installing the right pump to suit your water feature is important – especially if you want it to work properly! Firstly, get a quality pump (it’s not worth cutting corners). Secondly, you want low power consumption. And finally, the pump should deliver the correct volume of water at your required Head Height (measurement of pump pressure). There may also be pipework restrictions to consider. As there are several factors to consider, simply get in touch and we can figure out the whole scenario for you.

The truth: you shouldn’t have to replace or regularly clean pond water if you have the right design and filtration system in place. We’ve seen A LOT of ponds in our experience, and generally we recommend cleaning the pads of your pond filter once a month and removing any debris from the bottom of your pond. If you think it may need a deeper clean, or are unsure how to clean filter pads – we have all the right tools and can solve this for you. If you suspect your filter needs an upgrade, send us a picture for personalised suggestions.

If you find yourself looking at a sludge-filled pond, you have a few options. You can install a quality pump and filter that suits your situation. Alternatively, you can syphon the sludge out of the bottom of the pond yourself, or you can call us out to do it professionally, using our specialised sludge vacuums and sludge pumps. We have all these tools ready to go!

When a new pond is freshly installed, there can often be residual stone, gravel, or silt that needs some time to settle. Be patient! Depending on your pond’s size and design, it may take anywhere from a few hours up to one week for pond water to clear. If your pond water is green, tea brown, or milky white – this is a different issue entirely and we encourage you to get in touch promptly! Every issue has a unique approach, so we like to encourage you to send us an image of your dirty pond so we can suggest the best solution.

Firstly, you need to check the quality of your pond liner, or send us a picture and we will try and diagnose it for you. Is it a cheaper, PVC pond liner (commonly found in big box hardware stores)? We can source specialised polyurethane (silicone) sealant, but often this is time-consuming with little reward – maybe it’s time to replace it. If it’s a quality EPDM rubber pond liner, we can easily patch or join it, however big or small, but this relies on locating the source of the leak. Our simple process of elimination speeds the process up. If you wanted to take the DIY route, we also sell pond liner patch kits.

Bentonite is a clay product often used in dam compacting. If you have a seeping or leaking pond and are considering this method, we advise against using bentonite to seal a pond. A more practical, cleaner and longer-lasting solution is to install a quality pond liner, such as the ones we offer with a 20-year-guarantee. If this isn’t an option for you, we can provide specialised underwater polyurethane and epoxy products that are also fish-safe.

This purely depends on individual taste, fountain site and size, materials and the quality of the equipment used. For example, we offer small pumps with a fountain on the top starting from just $60. We have small patio ponds in a complete kit for under $400, elegant fire fountains from $800, and larger garden features in kits (perfect for DIY), or complete with installation starting from $2000. You will even find DIY waterfall kits from $2100.

We sure do! We offer a range of commercial fountain options to business and property owners. Make a noticeable splash at your premises by creating a unique fountain built from our huge range of customised elements: take your fountain to ridiculous heights, style it with fancy patterns, include synchronised timings, LED or fibre optic lighting. All the charm of a Vegas casino, at a portion of the cost!

The cost of a pond completely depends on its size, level of maintenance, your personal taste, eco-friendly elements and child-safety considerations. A quality ecosystem pond installation normally starts at $6,000. If you’re considering a pond, it’s really easy to grab a tailored quote and go from there.

An ecosystem pond is built to work in sync with mother nature – not against her. It is a thoroughly-planned entity that ties in with your local environment. They are a low maintenance option compared to traditional black, plastic ponds with their trail of complex cleaning gadgets. DIY pond kits can be purchased for around $1,900. We want to help you get it right the first time, so it is always best to get in touch to secure a tailored quote.

If you have fish living in your water feature – yes. Fish rely on oxygen in the water and need the biological filtration system running constantly. If you have no aquatic wildlife to manage, you can invest in an eco-friendly pump and turn your water feature on, or off, as required. We have pumps that can be speed adjusted via a remote control!

A quality water fountain won’t use much electricity at all. For example, compared to the running costs of a swimming pool, a typical fountain or pond pump uses ten times (10x) less electricity!

You could get a cheaper pump online or from a big box hardware store – but you’ll discover they’re not always cheap to run! 

There are several potential reasons your fountain is losing water. It could be due to high winds. It could be due to natural evaporation and its positioning. It could be a design fault, and the water is splashing further than the fountain’s base. It could be a leak. We are experts at diagnosing exactly why a water feature is losing water – simply send us a photo and we can help solve the mystery.

Water features can be installed utilising recycled water, meaning there is no extra stress on your water bill or clashes with local water restrictions. We can install customised fountains or ponds that use rainwater tanks, or build a rainwater harvesting system into the design. Everything is adaptable to be as low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Absolutely. You will be amazed at the wildlife that visits your feature when you install a quality ecosystem pond! Depending on the style of your water feature, you can expect to see local bees, dragonflies, frogs, ducks and water dragons frequenting your garden. You will also be doing your bit to provide local wildlife with a safe space to inhabit.

Of course we can. This is one of our specialties! We offer several options for your situation: we can remove, repair, renovate or replace an old pond. You simply need to send us a picture of the old pond, and we’ll go from there.

Just in case you need another great reason to install a waterfall or water feature on your pond –  mosquitoes hate splashing water. They only thrive in stagnant water. All our fountains and ponds are installed with flowing water as part of their design. As long as your water feature has a filtration system and pump that prevents the water becoming still and stagnant – no mosquitoes will be moving in. Visiting water dragons, lizards, and frogs will also provide excellent bug control!

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