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How to Choose the Right Pump for your Pond

How do you actually go about choosing the right pump for your pond, or fish pond?

There are a few things to consider before looking at the different models, benefits and pricing available for pond pumps.

  1. What is the purpose of the pump?
    i.e. Running the filtration on your dirty fish pond? Driving a very small, clean fountain? Operating a 30m waterfall? Or is it for a commercial application?
  2. Is there any plumbing already in place for your pond?
  3. How far away is the powerpoint from your pond?
  4. Is power consumption an issue for your existing pond?
  5. Is maintenance currently an issue for your existing pond?


Water Requirement

Once you have determined your answers to the above information, start looking at the required amount of water. For example, a sheer descent water feature requires an average of 3000L per hour, per 30cm. Alternatively, you might have a particular filter that requires 5000L per hour.


Pipe Length

Next, you need to look at the length of the pipe. How high does the pipe go above the pump (head height)? How many elbows, or bends, are there in the pipe that may increase the friction (and give you less water at the end)?

The combined total of all these measurements is called the dynamic head pressure.

The total dynamic head pressure will determine the % of water lost through friction in the pipes. This is very important, otherwise, you might find your new pond pump isn’t big enough.

Having the right sized plumbing becomes very important.

Pipe Size

If your pipe is too small, you will have very limited options. There is a maximum amount of water you can fit through each sized pipe at normal operating pressures. If this feels a little too technical for you, we are happy to help you work this out for your individual situation.


These days, most pumps have a 10m cable on them, but there are a few that differ. Some of the newer, controllable pumps don’t have the full 10m to the receivers and therefore have bigger connections on them (which will require a bigger conduit).

A lot of smaller fountain pumps only have short 3m cables – this may need to be considered when purchasing a new pump for your pond, or fish pond.

There are a few select pumps that can have a much longer cable on request. However, this must be manufactured in the factory beforehand to maintain the warranty.


Energy Efficiency

While most submersible pumps are 300% more efficient than a pool pump, there are still significant differences between the cheap, Chinese-manufactured pump, and a quality German-designed pump.

Considering the cost of electricity, it is worth paying a little extra in exchange for a more efficient pump. By doing this, you can quite often find up to 50% difference in electricity consumption, which can result in a few hundred dollars in savings on your annual power bill!


Choose your Pump

Now you are ready to look at the application and select the right type of pump for your situation. Some pumps are designed to push high volumes of water at low head heights, while others are designed to suck up dirty water without clogging, or designed for fountains with really high head pressures – all of these, demand a slightly different pump design.

It is important to differentiate between pumps for dirty water and clean water as the impellor style changes. This can have a big effect on performance. There are pumps that can do both but you definitely pay a premium for this.

If you need more of a fountain style pump with higher head pressure but have dirty water, sometimes it is worth considering a “dirty” water pump and separate filter to keep the water clean enough to use a fountain pump.

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Case Study

Question: I have a fish pond. What pump do I need to push 10000L per hour through my filter box? The pipe is 40mm in diameter with very few bends. The filter is only 50cm above the pond. Power is close by, and I have no problems cleaning the pump out once a month…

Answer: In this case, we would recommend a filtration style of pump, from a decent brand, with a reasonably low power consumption, as it will run 24/7 and their fish are relying on it to keep them alive and breathing.

These would all be great choices:

The AquaScape AquaForce 2700 is our preferred choice here as it:

  • Can handle solid particles and dirty water
  • Offers the right water flow
  • Accepts 40mm pipe fittings
  • Has a 10m cable and 3-year warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • PlUS has a really low power consumption!


Every Pond is Unique

We realise there are quite a few things to consider when choosing a new pond or fish pond for your property. We would be more than happy to use our many years of hands-on experience to help you choose the right pump for your unique situation.

To access our expertise, simply get in touch directly.