Signature Series 2500 BioFalls Filter

Signature Series 2500 BioFalls Filter

Signature Series™ 2500 filter features

  • Optional reversible waterfall lip. Offers flexibility of creating a natural stone spillway in front of the unit
  • Removable rock tray can hold stones, plants and/or gravel which helps to naturalise and camouflage the biofalls filter while still providing ease of access
  • Corrosion resistant non cross threading hardware
  • Dual polyflo biological filter mats ensure evenly distributed ater flow and filtration
  • Circular shape maximises structural strength while making the unit easy to camouflage


Includes: – Removable rock tray – 2 Poly-Flo ESA biological filter mats – Filter support rack – Patented non-cross threading screws – Reversible waterfall lip – 2 x Bulkhead Fittings


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Signature Series 2500 BioFalls Filter

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Weight 13 kg