Flexible PVC Pond Piping- 50mm x 7.5m

Flexible PVC Pond Piping- 50mm x 7.5m

High Grade flexible PVC pond piping. Similiar to spa hose, but black in colour to help to disguise unsightly plumbing. Combines the best features of flexible tubing with PVC piping. Maneuverable and flexible, this pipe is easy to bury and move around obstacles, while also being simple to install. No push fittings, just use regular PVC glue to join and connect to pumps, skimmers and filters.

A smooth interior surface minimises friction, which means no loss in pumping volume. This piping is extremely durable and is UV protected and Puncture resistant.

The 50 mm piping is suitable for volumes up to 18000 lts per hour with out restricting pump performance.


  • Easy to install around objects and along the side of the feature
  • Flexible yet will not crimp or cave in
  • Above and below ground installations
  • Non-toxic formulation – Fish Safe
  • Manufactured from high quality PVC compound. It will last many many years with out splitting or deteriorating
  • Rigid PVC spiral resists crushing and impact
  • Temperature range -21ºC to 75º C
  • Improves your water flow
  • Black color inhibits algae growth and is easily hidden
  • No more hose clamps – Use with PVC  glue-able slip fittings available from any hardware, plumbing or pool supplies


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Flexible PVC Pond Piping- 50mm x 7.5m

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