Recreational Pond Kit- 7m x 5m x 1.7m

Recreational Pond Kit- 7m x 5m x 1.7m

The recreational pond kit comes complete with everything you need to build your own beautiful recreational pond. All components needed are provided in this convenient and simple all in one kit. The included wetland filter provides excellent biological filtration, keeping your pond crystal clear and healthy.

Included in kit:

–      12.2m x 10.5m Firestone Pondgard Pond Liner

–      2 x 270 gsm Underlay 115m x 2m

–      8 x Small AquaBlox for Intake Bay

–      Pondless Pump Vault

–      2 x Pondless Vault Extension

–      6.1m x 4.5m Firestone Pondgard Pond Liner for Wetland Filter

–      1 x Pondless Snorkel Vault & Cap

–      1 x Pondless Centipede Module

–      24 x Small AquaBlox for Wetland Filter

–      1 x Aquasurge 3000 to run Wetland

–      1 x Aquasurge 5000 to run 3 jets

–      2 x Dual Union Check Valves

–      50mm x 15m Pipe Flex PVC

–      40mm x 15m Pipe Flex PVC

–      3 x 40mm Bulkhead Fitting

–      2 x 40mm Wye Tee

–      6 x 40mm PVC Male Valve Socket

–      Various Fittings for Jets

–      IonGen System

–      Installation Kit


Please consider also purchasing these items for optimal results:

–      Maintain 3.78 Litres

–      Lighting Kit with 2 x 6 watt LED , 2 x 3 watt LED, 2 x 1 watt LED Spotlight, 1 x 1 watt LED Waterfall Light, 35 watt Transformer, 7.6m Extension Cable with 5 Quick Connects, Digital Timer with Photocell and a 3 way Splitter.

–      Aeration Kit with Hakko 60 Litre Per Minute Air Pump, 30.5m of 3/8” Weighted Aeration Tubing,  1 x 10” Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffuser.

–      Economy Foam Gun Applicator

–      2 x Professional Black Waterfall Foam

–      1 x Professional Foam Gun Cleaner


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Recreational Pond Kit- 7m x 5m x 1.7m

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