PondMAX Parasite & Ulcer Blitz Treatment 500g

PondMAX Parasite & Ulcer Blitz Treatment 500g

A blend of inorganic compounds & plant extracts. PondMAX Parasite & Ulcer Blitz is a blend of inorganic compounds and plant extracts that when added to your pond will promote healthy fish.

A proven health aid for sick or wounded fish.

How to use

Simply mix the correct amount of powder with pond water in a bucket or watering can and pour it into the pond. Distribute evenly over the surface of the pond.

Dose Rate

Use one heaped spoonful (enclosed) per 300L. For maximum effect, you can use a double dose and distribute it evenly.


Pond may go cloudy for a few minutes but will clear quickly Ideally add once a week for 4 weeks. On hot days pond oxygen levels can be low. Dying algae can further decrease oxygen levels. If this occurs flush out your pond with fresh cold water.

This water treatment product contains mucus enhancers.


Keep away from children and pets. Wash hands after use.


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PondMAX Parasite & Ulcer Blitz Treatment 500g

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