Aquascape DIY Black Waterfall Foam- 473ml

Aquascape DIY Black Waterfall Foam- 473ml

DIY Black Waterfall Foam is totally fish safe

Black Waterfall Foam is a low expansion, high-density foam used in the construction of natural looking waterfalls and streams.

Expanding to fill voids between rocks and liner, this DIY black waterfall foam directs and diverts water over stones and where you want the water to go. This product minimises time in building waterfalls and streams with its ease of use and fast curing times.


  • Fish safe
  • Strong and adhesive, yet flexible enough to withstand ground movement
  • Allows for easy changes or adjustments to the waterfall and stream post-construction or for adjustments to flow
  • The black colour of the foam blends into the waterfall setting by looking like a dark part of stone or a shadow.
  • Quick curing. Ready in only 15 minutes, no more waiting for mortar or cement  to cure
  • Allows more creativity in the stream and waterfall design and construction process
  • Dramatically reduces the construction time
  • UV stabilized and completely fish and pond life safe once cured
  • Direct water flow where you want it to go i.e. around rocks instead of under and maintain visible flow rates for the length of the stream. Smaller pumps can be used because the flow is fully utilised and not lost under stones
  • Use to stabilise rocks and edges in high traffic areas and excellent for holding waterfall stones in place
  • Easy to peel off the over-application once dry
  • One 454g can build a small waterfall successfully


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