BioBalls (100)

BioBalls (100)

Aquascape BioBalls are ideal for use as a biological filter media, providing a textured surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Each ball offers 30 square inches of surface area and every box contains 100 BioBalls plus a media bag with drawstring. Aquascape BioBalls use a paddle wheel design which breaks water-flow, helping to de-gas the water and maximize dissolved oxygen levels. Their compact size allows for placement into smaller spaces, while the centre channel allows the balls to be strung together, making cleaning quick and simple. Aquascape BioBalls do not break down like some traditional biological media options, providing years of trouble-free use without replacement.

100 pieces of BioBalls™ with a surface area of 30 square inches  (0.0193548 m2) per ball to optimize bacteria growth in Biological filtration units. 100 bioballs equates to a combined surface area of 1.93548 m2

  • Easy to clean.
  • Textured surface maximises space for beneficial bacteria populations and water retention.
  • Come with Mesh Media Bag for ease of cleaning and containment
  • The centre channels of the balls allow them to be strung together making cleaning easier.
  • Maximizes dissolved oxygen levels around bacteria populations
  • Compact size allows for placement into smaller areas.
  • Paddlewheel design breaks water flow helping to de-gas and aerate the water.


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BioBalls (100)

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