Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter

Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter

The ideal DIY solution for filtering your small pond or waterfeature (up to 3800L). This waterfall filter provides both efficient mechanical filtration as well as both biological filtration and aeration. Its simple and small size allows the unit to be used in new or existing ponds.

Spillway measures 12” wide and is designed to prevent water loss with its extended snout and integrated drip edge.

The unit is designed with a swirl chamber to maximise mechanical filtration.

Compatible with pumps from 2000 to 20,000L/hr. Included multi hose fitting is compatible with most 1”-1.5” tubing

Backed by a 5 year limited warranty to ensure reliable filtration year after year.


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Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter

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Weight 5 kg