AquaScape Maintain for Ponds -3.78L

AquaScape Maintain for Ponds -3.78L

Aquascape Maintain for Ponds contains a blend of beneficial bacteria, phosphate binders, floculents and pond detoxifiers. This treatment combines the best of all other treatments and helps keep ponds clean. clear and reduces maintenance. Maintain for Ponds contains a blend of lithotrophic, heterotrophic and photosynthetic bacteria strains which all work to maintain a healthy pond environment. The included phosphate binder locks up excess nutrients which can effect water quality and promotes algae growth, whilst the flocculent clears cloudy water by clumping debris which is then easily removed by a filter. Also included in the mix is a water detoxifier, which removes chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and many other toxins, making your pond much safer and healthier for fish and plants. The specialised pump head allows for accurate measurement of 378L worth of treatment every time. This bottle will treat 302,400L in total.

Maintain for Ponds is non-toxic and safe for fish, plants, pets, wildlife and humans.


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AquaScape Maintain for Ponds -3.78L

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