AquaScape Clean Sludge & Filter Bacteria 5 Ltr

Clean Sludge & Filter Cleaner treatment uses natural enzymes to degrade organic particles from water and speeds up natural biological pathways to help clear water and maintain a healthy environment.Organic nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous are removed and locked up by the beneficial bacteria, lowering algae growth.

  • Useful in most bodies of water such as ponds, waterfeatures and dams.
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife
  • Chemical free formulation of 12 strains of beneficial bacteria combined with bio-stimulants, bio-energisers and trace elements

Monthly Dose Rates for Large Water Bodies – Dams, Lagoons etc. – 1 litre per megalitre (million litres)
Monthly Dose Rates for Small Water Bodies – Fish ponds, water features, stock troughs, water tanks etc. – 20ml per 1000 litres.


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AquaScape Clean Sludge & Filter Bacteria 5 Ltr

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