Aquascape Aquabasin 30

Aquascape Aquabasin 30

The Aquascape AquaBasin® 30 is the ideal water basin for a wide variety of decorative water features, including stone, brass, ceramic, and resin fountains up to 226kg. Constructed from professional grade, high density polyethylene, this basin is backed by a lifetime warranty. The aquabasin can handle flow rates up to 8000L/Hr and can store up to 100Litres.

The drillable deck cylinders across the top allow for endless possibilities with plumbing and lighting and allows for unsightly cables and plumbing to be out of sight. A large flat deck makes it easy to set up and has a predrilled hole in the centre for simple fountain installs. A pump access panel makes it easy to look after your water feature. The large corner access allows for larger pumps and is raised to prevent rocks and gravel falling in during maintenance.

Dimensions: 76cm x 76cm x 25cm


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Aquascape Aquabasin 30

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Weight 15 kg